NOTE: As of mid-2107, we switched over to screw-in compression connectors for a more consistent, secure fit. You can still break your staff down for travel - remove screws with a #1 Phillips head screwdriver, stash your screws in a safe place, remove the tubes and voila! Please note that the shortest you can break your staff down is to the length of your carbon fiber shaft.

For composite staffs before mid-2017:

If you pull the carbon fiber shaft out of the compression connector, without pulling the compression connector out of the tube, the elastomer grip may be pulled out of place. Re-align the grip with the end of the carbon fiber shaft by massaging it down with your fingers.

To remove the compression connector from the tube, place the back (not sharp) edge of a table/butter knife between the 2 halves of the compression connector and twist to release the buttons from the tube. Continue twisting to help release as you pull the connector out of the tube. Or flip the tube around and insert the bare end of the shaft into the tube, then push the connector out from the inside.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!