Yes you can change the weight of your fuzzy poi! 

Please read these instructions first - then gather: 

- a small teaspoon :: a rounded handle-end works best

- nothing pointy/sharp :: do not use sharp tools like screwdrivers as these may cut/tear the pod shell!

How to:

  1. Pull the fuzzy cover off of the silicone pod shell. It fits rather snugly, but should slide off easily.

  1. Pull the tri-ring off of the top of your pod shell and slide it down the leash and over the handle. 

  • If you’ve tied a knot you may need to untie it. 
  • Set the tri-ring down somewhere safe, so it doesn’t get lost ;)
  1. Open the pod shell - be careful not to pull the petals apart too hard, as you can tear them by accident! 

  • Look inside the shell to where the leash and washers sit. 
  • Hold the petals open so you can easily get to the washers.
  1. Be aware that while silicone is very resilient, it can be torn by tools - please be cautious not to push the handle in too hard.

  1. Use the rounded handle-end of your teaspoon to carefully lever the small washers out of where they sit around the leash.

  • Please leave the two thicker ones at the bottom of the pod shell - they are necessary for the leash to fit in the poi.
  1. Once you’ve got the washers up on the leash, you may remove as many as you’d like. 

  • Remember how many you remove, so that both your weights match. 
  • One or two washers may be enough, though you can experiment with removing all 4 weight washers. 
  • Slide washers over the swivel and floop handle to remove.
  1. Ensure that the remaining washers are secured back in the bottom of the pod shell around the leash. 

  • They should lever back into it without the aid of the teaspoon.

  1. Reinstall the tri-ring on the top of your pod shell. This video below should help with that, if you’ve never done it before and the section about tri-ring installation is at 3:25. 

  1. Slide the fuzzy blaze cover back up over the pod shell. 

  • This will take some wiggling as it's a snug fit  ;)
  • Voila - you have lighter fuzzy poi! 

Please contact us if you have any questions!