The staples are actually not necessary - they are just there so people know the c-ring exists. 

In the beginning, people would remove the capsule by twisting it out of the pod shell (instead of leveraging it out) and sometimes the c-ring would stay behind in the bottom of the shell. If a person didn't know there was a c-ring, they would put the capsule back in the shell, it would sit on top of the c-ring and they would have a hard time pressing the button. Also if installed incorrectly (as just described), the chances of the pod shell flying off is higher. So we included the staple, just so peops would know the c-ring existed. You don't need it - it might move a little, but if the c-ring is properly installed on your capsule shell, it's not going anywhere.

Now that you know, if your capsule comes out of your pod shell without the c-ring, you'll need to fish it out of your pod shell :)

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