New flowOS 2.0 firmware was released on 11.11.2019 --> click here to update :)  

The info below is for an older version of the firmware release in 2018.

A new firmware updater and a significant firmware update were released late November 2018 for both capsule 2.0 & vision props.

What's new in flowOS-vision-0.4 (vision clubs) and flowOS-one-1.2 (capsule):

- you can also scroll down and download pdfs of the new features & a glossary for flowOS UI button presses:

  1. New features - see table below for new features
  2. New settings in Page 5 - scroll down for new list of Page 5 modes/settings
  3. Improved battery life - scroll for list of improvements

1. New features

New featureWhat it doesHow to do it
Adjust randomizer

Quickly creates a "look" amongst multiple props by randomizing their adjust/hue. In some cases, there are multiple parameters that adjust, only 1 is randomized, this enables some coordinated effects :)

"Hold to adjust” when you're in adjust (hold until light blinks, let go).
You can re-randomize as many times as you want by repeating “hold to adjust”.
Press to select, "hold to save" (hold until light turns off and back on again to save).
Save actively adjusting mode to favorites

e.g. If you like fire mode cycling through its rainbow color options, or want a specific color fade, as part of a show in favorites. You can even use lantern (or bolder in clubs) to create a fade-out or fade-in for shows.

“Hold to save" during adjust will save mode with adjust running in favorites. The mode will start from saved position when played in favorites/P4.
Auto-sleep/wake setting (P5M5)Your prop can automatically go to sleep when not in use/moving, and can also wake up automagically on movement.Adjust P5M5. Indicator = blue, blue level blinks

LevelBehaviorUse case
1default, feature disableddirect control of on/off
2dim=10 sec
sleep=15 minutes
save battery, forget/don't bother to turn off
3dim=10 sec
sleep=30 sec.
+ auto-wake
only on during use// home user + performance
4dim=10 sec.
sleep=60 minutes
+ auto-wake
prop still visible when not in use// social user, performance
5dim=60 minutes
sleep=120 minutes
+ auto-wake
spontaneous use for mood-lighting, does not drain battery completely

Note: Auto-wake responds very quickly for the first hour, checking for motion 10x/sec., after that it only checks once every 2 sec. to conserve long-term battery life and may take 4-6 sec. of movement to wake

P5/settings adjust synchronize

When adjusting a setting, you typically want the whole group to be the same, so now they will all jump to match the controlling prop’s adjustment. This differs from adjusting pattern modes in a group - if they have different adjustments, you’ll most likely want them to stay offset to preserve the “look” of different colors.

“Hold to adjust” in any setting.
“Press” to select it for temporary use (will return to previous setting on “off”) and/or “hold to save” to keep it.
Global brightness adjust (P5M2) now always starts at level 1 (dimmest)

Avoid eye-shock and low battery shut-down sometimes caused by maximum brightness. Also makes selecting a dimmer level faster/easier.

P5M2 “hold to adjust”. “Press” to select it for temporary use (will return to previous setting on “off”) and/or “hold to save” to keep it.
P5/settings delete to reset

You can reset any individual setting to default without affecting the others by “deleting” it.

"Hold to delete" any single setting to reset it to default, eg. delete/clear grouping, cancel auto-wake, set to default brightness, etc. (hold past save until light blinks red 5 times, let go)
P5M10 factory defaults/connect to firmware updater

You can quickly reset ALL user settings and favorites to default (default favorites is only 2 modes: red, and auto-play).

You can also manually connect to the firmware updater computer app if it didn’t happen automatically.
P5M10 has no adjustment.
“Hold to save” to connect to firmware updater.
“Hold to delete” to reset all settings and favorites to factory default.
Favorites autoplay applies to group

Now even if your other props have more favorites, and would not yet have reached autoplay, all group members will autoplay when the controlling prop gets to autoplay (they still play their local favorite lists, which may differ from each other) This also means they will all delete as a group, if you “hold to delete”.

Navigate to the last mode in your favorites page. With up to 60 favorites this might be mode 61! We recommend leaving the default “red” favorite in place as a landmark for this reason.

Duplicate favoritesTo quickly duplicate a mode during show creation for auto play timing or delaying mode changes of specific props in a group.

Save an unadjusted favorite (in the favorites page) to duplicate it into P4M1. Also leaves the original in its place.
P13 “bonus page"

40 experimental modes! with a variety of kinetic response types and adjusts. includes autoplay (P13M41). P13 modes can be save to favorites.

Click 13x and explore!

2. Page 5 now has 11 modes - some are placeholders for new settings "to be developed" (TBD)

P5ModeSettingDefault indicator/ default levelAdjust indicator
1Groupingdim blinking red/ no groupdim orange, green, blue, etc.
2Brightnesswhite with orange level blinks/ level 3brightness, with level blinks
3White balancewhite with orange level blinks/ level 1white balance cycle with level blinks
4TBDdim solid red (placeholder for kinetic response adjustment)
5Auto-sleepblue/ 1blue level blinks
6TBDdim solid red (placeholder for user type)
7TBDdim solid red
8TBDdim solid red
9TBDdim solid red
10factory defaults/connect to firmware updaterbright red

no adjust, save or delete

11random autoplayrandom adjusted pattern 1-30, displays pattern/3level blinks

3. Power/battery life improvements:

  • Increased standby battery life: only 14%/week loss (previously 20%/week)

  • Increased long-term battery life: reduced standby period to 1 week. This means only 14% of battery life is lost if prop is not used for more than 1 week. Even after 1 year, only 10% additional (24% total) should be lost due to gradual battery self-discharge. After 1 week they will not group-on until each device has been turned on individually.

  • Clubs only: the LEDs are now powered directly off USB when plugged in, so you can run full modes with no impact on charge time, if your charger and cable can handle it. 350mA charge + typically ~350mA modes (up to 2000mA total).

  • Clubs only: improved average runtimes. In addition to lowering the default brightness of many modes slightly, we discovered we were way too conservative in our previously published battery-life estimates.