flowOS 2.0 was launched on 11.11.2019 with a new firmware updater (v1.1.3) and a significant firmware update for both capsule 2.0 & vision props!

flowOS 2.0 firmware update:: release notes

flowOS 2.0 represents a major milestone in the flowtoys flowOS operating system for capsule 2.0 and vision core lights. 

Most of the user interface and mode layout are the same, so there isn’t much you NEED to know, but there are many improvements and new features - details below:

  • New “Quick-group” feature enables super-simple grouping: Just hold the button from off until the light turns white, about 10 sec., and they group and save automatically! See quick-group video here.

  • New “open groups” - grouping has changed A LOT! 

    • “Color” groups are now “open” (aka “public”) eg. every light in “orange” is automatically in the same group.

    • To prevent accidental editing or control of your props by others, open groups are always temporary, they cannot be saved, and when in an open group:

      • favorites cannot be saved

      • settings can be changed as a group, but not saved

      • grouping cannot be changed as a group or saved, but grouping does change locally, so you can leave the group.

    • To quickly and easily break up the group: “Deleting” an open group will cause everyone in the group to revert to their previous “closed” group. 

    • See advanced grouping video here.

  • Many modes have been significantly updated, especially with kinetic awareness 2.0, which enables most modes to respond to movement in subtle and complex ways, improving the look and feel, offering more creative and interesting responses to play with, and making your props come alive. 

    • See attachments for pictures of modes with their adjust parameters & kinetic triggers/responses.

  • New “show” pages (P8 and P9) enable dedicated “shows” of up to 60 modes to be saved from the favorites page.

  • Default brightness is now level 4: same brightness as level 3 used to be, so we have more levels of “less bright” to choose from, and level 5 is simply “max bright”

  • Page 3 modes are now the same brightness as the other pages.

  • Auto-play modes, including adjusted interval timing, can now be saved to favorites (except P5M11 "random-autoplay” and P4 “favorites” autoplay).

  • Modes can be saved to favorites in “adjust” and will retain the adjust position. So if you save bold in adjust when it is green, it will start at green in favorites, and continue adjusting. This can be very useful for shows. Or if you simply like fire mode in adjust where its color is always changing, you can save it that way and not have to enter adjust every time.

  • “Adjust” state is retained after off or auto-sleep/wake, even if not saved.

  • P5 random autoplay now includes all P13 modes.

  • Auto-sleep/wake is now disabled when in P5/settings modes (but does work on P5M11: random autoplay).

  • Most mode adjust types and speeds have been matched between capsule 2.0 and vision core for better syncing.

  • New “radio test” mode: P5M9

  • Too many bug fixes and UI improvements to list


  • Due to memory limitations, Capsule P13 only has 34 unique modes, and repeats last 16 modes to match vision props, which have 50 P13 modes.

  • Brightness setting carries over during firmware update, this is not a true bug, but new default is level 4, previous default was level 3, new level 3 is dimmer than level 4, so update might make your prop dimmer. 

  • When saving favorites in a group, one remote light will occasionally save twice. You can often (but not always) see it blink the "remote save" indicator twice. The duplicate save is usually the default adjust level, even if the first (intentional) save is adjusted.

  • Indicator delays pattern: While in adjust, the light being used as the controller goes out of sync with the rest of the group. Once an adjustment is selected, it almost syncs back up. Also when adjusting brightness (P5M2), after selecting an adjustment.

  • Temp. settings (open groups and un-saved adjustments in settings) are lost if auto-sleep kicks in.

  • Temp settings and open groups are lost when Going past the last mode in a page (which = off)

  • Group-on does not work when remote units are plugged in to USB and controller is not, after after the lights have been off for over 1 minute.

  • adjusted favorite modes revert to default adjustment after off-on or auto-sleep. Re-navigating to the same mode shows it’s saved adjustment.

  • P4 and P5 autoplay can not be saved to P4-favorites

  • If turning on a group member when some of the group is already on, it may join the group’s current mode, or it may take over the group, it’s not consistent.

  • Deleting a mode in a show page (P8,P9), sometimes also deletes the mode AFTER it, on the local unit only. So 2 modes are deleted and the show becomes out of sync. across the group.

Vision props only:

  • Many P5 indicators have an extra flash to them

  • We do not yet have firmware for every pixel-count. In most cases this makes no difference, but if you need to use a higher-count firmware you will lose the “center-mark” pixels in some modes. A lower count firmware would leave some LEDs dark.