NEW Show pages - Page 8 & 9: for advanced favorites users only!

- this new feature was released on 11.11.2019 with flowOS 2.0 firmware 

  • You can now save favorites auto-play to create a show page, which can be used like extra favorites pages, and/or for dedicated shows.

  • Show pages can be edited just like the favorites page, but you cannot save new modes directly to a show page, EXCEPT: 

    • Saving a mode in a show page will save it to favorites (p4m1), not duplicate it to the show page’s mode1 (as it does in favorites/p4) → this enables you to use show pages like banks of custom modes you can use for creating shows in your favorites, or as a way of re-organizing your show page by saving the modes in a new order in favorites and then saving favorites as a new show page.

  • There are 2 show pages, 8 and 9.

  • New show page goes to P8, existing P8 replaces P9, P9 is lost.

  • Delete P8 to avoid losing P9, P9 will move to P8, until you save a new P8.

  • Default show page is 1 red mode (like favorites)

  • You can save “show page autoplay” to favorites, including adjusted interval timing.

  • Any show page (P8 or P9) autoplay that is saved to favorites will not be included when a new show page is created (the saved show page autoplay mode is omitted, all other modes remain).

  • Regular page autoplays ARE included in new show pages

  • Editing/deleting/replacing a show page will edit/delete the version saved to favorites

These are the basic release notes - We'll be making a video and providing more details shortly.