If you purchased crystal poi or flowpoi, the leash will come pre-assembled on your poi. Should you need to attach the leash to your crystal cases:

  • Ensure the cord is threaded through metal o-ring provided and then through crystal case. O-ring should be on handle side of leash.
  • Thread the free end of cord through the ring.
  • Adjust leash length as needed.
  • Tie a simple overhand knot on the non-handle end to secure the leash.

Finishing the leash end: 

  • Tighten the knot. Cut excess cord off with scissors.
  • Melt the end of the knot with a lighter (see photo to right) - while the end is still soft/melted, use the edge of the lighter to flatten and shape the end of the knot onto the rest of the knot. This ensures that the knot will not come undone.
Note: If the melted plastic sticks to the lighter, it’s too hot. Wait a second before shaping it.

You can find smithy cord on our website here:


  • Melt the end of the flowcord (to prevent fraying). Push and twist the cord to help thread it through the connector.
  • Slide a washer onto the end of the flowcord (you can use pliers to help pull it through).

Note: Smithy cord needs a washer to secure leash to connector. Phatty cord does not require washer.

Tie a simple overhand knot below the washer – don’t tighten it yet! Check and confirm how long you’d like your leashes to be.

  • Once you find your ideal length, tighten the knot, and trim off excess cord with a pair of scissors, leaving 1/8” or 3mm extra to melt.
  • Using a small flame, melt the end of the cord until it reaches the surface of the knot and use a flat metal surface to press the melted end into the sides of the knot, fusing it together and ensuring it cannot come undone! (the side of a lighter works great :)
  • Snug the washer up against the knot.

Feel free to contact us with questions! ;)