We recommend lubricating your tubes with petroleum jelly/vaseline. You only need to apply a small amount to feel the difference, so be mindful with respect to how much lube you are using. Typically, a thin layer is enough to sufficiently lubricate a tube and you want to avoid having an excess in / on the tube.  

The 2 primary reasons we recommend lubricating a tube are:

  • for flowcaps - If you notice your caps are tight or sticking to the outside of the tube you can apply a thin layer on the outside of the tube where the flowcap sits. This will make it easier to install / remove the flowcaps. 
  • for tube connectors - If you notice that your tube connectors are not twisting smoothly, you can apply a thin layer of lube to the inside of the tube where the connector fits. This should make it easier to install / detach the tube connectors. 

Please note, oils or lubricants containing esters or polyglycols, common in motor and gear oils, can break down polycarbonate and should not be used to lubricate your tubes. WD-40 and any mineral spirits are also NOT good for polycarbonate. If you would like to geek out more on chemical resistance of polycarbonate, click here!

We hope this helps, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!