All flowtoys poi come with adjustable leashes, no matter what poi you purchase. 

Adjusting your poi leash length to fit your body and style is an easy and important step to optimizing your poi experience. 

-> Tip: A popular leash length is from your hand to your shoulder.

We have a handy podpoi video where Sean describes how to adjust leashes, among lot of other useful info - the part on adjusting leashes is at the beginning: 

**Please note, as of late 2017 all podpoi come standard with knob handles, instead of floops with swivels. To adjust the leash length, you can tie the knot further up or down the length of the leash. When you have found your preferred leash length, tighten the knot, cut and use a lighter to singe the end of the knot to prevent it from fraying. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!