All levitation sticks originate from the magician's dancing cane - the concept of the stick on a string has been around for hundreds of years, maybe longer.

We had a magician's dancing cane years ago and one day Prisna discovered its amazing potential as a flow tool. So Sean designed a "levitation stick" specifically for flowing and dancing rather than just illusion (well-weighted to handle a lot of movement, stronger string etc.) and we called it a "flow-wand". The flow-wand has been around since about 2002. We introduced and popularized the wand as a tool for dancing and flow, and several other companies have since copied us and made "levi sticks" or “levitation wands” to sell.

There are currently several wand styles. Most people start with short string:

If you love dancing, you will probably want to also learn long string:

If you are looking for a glow-wand, here are some options:

We also have free instructions to get you started:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Happy wanding!