The main difference between smithy and flowcord is material and stretch.

The main difference between flowcord and phatty cord is thickness. 


- discovered by LanternSmith for poi spinning

- 6mm 12-strand braided polyester rope

- supple, low stretch, no shrinkage

- comes standard with all flowtoys poi since end 2019 


- custom woven polyester cord specially designed by flowtoys with leading poi spinners in the 2008-2015 era

- soft, smooth, very comfortable, stretchy

- you can use either size welded rings for flowcord.

- came standard from 2011-2019 with all flowtoys poi rigs except flowmoja contact poi, which comes standard with phatty cord. 

As with all things, poi spinning styles evolve, and with it, preferences in leash cord. In response to recent feedback for braided cord with less stretch, flowcord was discontinued in late 2019, and replaced with smithy cord

Phatty cord:

- custom woven polyester cord specially designed by flowtoys

- launched in 2011, still in use 

- is thicker and a bit stretchier than flowcord, but also soft/smooth and comfortable 

- phatty cord needs the larger metal o-rings for attachment - it will not fit through small welded o-rings.

- it is possible to use phatty cord and large welded o-rings to make the 'low profile' connection that can be made with flowcord and small o-rings. Please note, because phatty cord is much thicker, it takes a patient hand to make the melt secure. We recommend doing some practice melting before trying it on your actual leash when you're setting up.

Check out this video to see how the low-profile connection for phatty cord works: how to - flowmoja 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!