Both the flowcap and the pod shell were designed as caps or vessels for our light units. They are both made of silicone, and designed to diffuse and protect your flowtoys lights.

Here are the main considerations:

Tubing-based props: Flowcaps are more secure, as they click into holes in the tubes. Pod shells do NOT click into the tubes, and attach with a friction fit. You have to be careful to install them fully before use, as we cannot be responsible for pod shells that go flying due to incorrect installation. You can find information about the pod shell friction fit in the 'how to' video:


As of 2022, we released the pod sleeve - a custom 3D-printed part to better secure pod shells onto tubes. You can find pod sleeve here:

Light compatibility: Flowcaps are more universal, as they can hold both flowlights and capsule lights. Pod shells are only compatible with capsule lights. 

Visual: Pod shells are larger, so they create a bigger point of light. Flowcaps are more streamlined. The shape/size of various light trails will have subtle differences depending on which cap you use. 

Weight: Pod shells are heavier than flowcaps. Pod shells weigh 2.8oz and flowcaps weigh 1oz. 

  • You can add weight to pod shells by installing flowmass or marbles inside the pod shell. For more information about that, check here: adding weight to podpoi

Impact: Pod shells are softer on impact than flowcaps, especially on your head ;)

You can find more information about each cap here:

- flowcaps: How to - flowcaps

- pod shells: How to - pod shells

Either way you can't go wrong. Both caps are beautiful and covered under a lifetime warranty, and they are both modular and interchangeable among many flowtoys props, so you can swap them out depending on your needs. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!