Fit and sizing is critical with meteors and puppyhammers. A pod meteor comes standard with 6 foot of flowcord, and we can make custom lengths for $10 if requested. You can find pod meteors here:

For a puppyhammer, we suggest: your wingspan + twice the length from palm to elbow (and maybe a little extra). If it's too long, the hammer hits the ground. If it's too short, the poi aspect of the puppyhammer is virtually unusable.

For a meteor, your wingspan is usually the right length.

Here are instructions to adjust the length of your meteor:

1. First you will need to remove your capsules from the pod shells, you can find instructions in this assembly Instructions video.

→ please make sure the C-ring is on the bottom of each of your capsules as you remove them. This is important!

2. Slide the o-ring off of the capsule and onto the leash.

3. Slide the washer on your leash up a bit so that you can trim the leash length to your preference.

4. Once you know how long you want it - tie a simple knot and burn the end with a lighter to seal the knot.

5. Slide your washer back down so it's snug with the knot, and insert both the knot and washer into your capsules.

* Here’s a photo below ...


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!