First, you need to remove the old snap cap. Getting the snap cap out of your flowcap can be tricky, but doable. Here's how:

  1. look inside the flowcap - you’ll see the hard snap cap has 2 arches.
  2. with a pair of small pliers, carefully grip one arch and pull.
  3. BE CAREFUL of tearing the silicone - scratching the old/broken snap cap is ok - but don’t tear the soft silicone. 

Once you've removed the old snap cap, install a new snap cap into the flowcap: 

  1. attach the new snap cap to your capsule light: there are 2 nubs on the button end of the capsule that line up with the spaces in the snap cap. You’ll feel it lock into place.
  2. look at the silicone flowcap and line up the arches in the silicone to the arches on the snap cap.
  3. start pushing the capsule light and snap cap into the silicone. You may need to wiggle it a bit to get it to slide into place.
  4. you should feel the snap cap settle once it’s aligned correctly inside the silicone.

For more information about flowcaps, please check out this video. The part about snap caps starts at 1:02

If you need an extra snap cap, you can find them on our website here:

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