All modes in flowlight FS are adjustable/customizable. If you adjust a mode and want to save it - you can save it and find it again in favorites! This doesn't only apply to adjustments, you can save a mode for easy access, even if it's not adjusted. 

Favorites is the 4th page in flowlight FS. 

4 quick clicks takes you to page 4. Here you’ll see your most recently saved pattern first, and you can select from your last 10 saved patterns by pressing the button to cycle through them. 

You can save any mode+adjustment with a "save press" - hold down the button until the light turns off, and turns back on again. 

This saves a copy of any mode/pattern in Favorites to slot 1 (p4m1). You can also use this to re-order your favorite modes without adjusting them!

Feel free to contact us if you have questions ;)