Battery life depends a lot on the mode you are in. Check the modes chart for average runtimes of each mode.

With freshly charged NiMH rechargeables, flowlights normally last for 7-24 hours in most modes, 2-4 hours in page 3 “performance” modes, and 1-2 hours in “bolder” and “bold” (all white modes).

Runtimes with disposable alkaline batteries are typically lower, and cheapo disposable batteries may last less than 30 minutes, as they cannot handle the amperage required. 

Typical NiMH rechargeables hold a good charge for a few weeks. After that they may have less than 50% of their charge left, so we recommend charging batteries within a week of any important events, like festivals, parties or performances. 

Flowlights run on a single AAA battery. It amplifies and regulates the voltage – which means you can use common rechargeable batteries and your flowlights will run at full brightness for the entire life of the battery, and not dim over the course of the night. Using higher-voltage disposable alkaline batteries will not increase the brightness, or runtime. 

Feel free to contact us if you have questions ;)