The rev4 PixelWhips have 40 amazing patterns, organized into 4 different style channels of 10 modes each. To navigate between styles, hold the button down for about a second until the rig blinks once, then let go. To change modes, quickly press the button once. 

  • Style 1 - Single Colors: 1 color per mode ranging the full ROYGBIV spectrum
  • Style 2 - Color Wipes: 2 color spectrum color wipes, including a Watermelon (pink&green) & Rainbow
  • Style 3 - Triple Colors: 3 colors per pattern in a variety of beautiful complimentary combinations
  • Style 4 - Pulsing Swatches: All new patterns with up to 6 colors per pattern in unique & gorgeous configurations such as Twilight & Raspberry Lime Sherbet

Attached below is a PDF of the PixelWhip modes chart as well. 

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