• Melt the end of the cord (to prevent fraying). Push and twist the cord to help thread it through the connector.
  • Slide a washer onto the end of the cord (you can use pliers to help pull it through).

Note: Smithy cord needs a washer to secure the leash to the connector. Phatty cord does not require washer.

Tie a simple overhand knot below the washer – don’t tighten it yet! Check and confirm how long you’d like your leashes to be.

  • Once you find your ideal length, tighten the knot, and trim off excess cord with a pair of scissors, leaving 1/8” or 3mm extra to melt.
  • Using a small flame, melt the end of the cord until it reaches the surface of the knot and use a flat metal surface to press the melted end into the sides of the knot, fusing it together and ensuring it cannot come undone! (the side of a lighter works great :)
  • Snug the washer up against the knot.
  • Insert the cord connector into the tube - make sure to line the connector screw holes up with the holes in the tube
  • Screw in the cord connector using the hex key provided, making sure the screws end up flush with the tube.