TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS For version 1 or 2 FiberFlies (2013-2015)

1. Check the batteries→ Test with a known freshly charged/new set of batteries.

  • Please do NOT use Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) AAA batteries! They have too much voltage and will destroy the FiberFlies unit!
    • You can use NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries, though this version has not been optimized for rechargeable and will run brighter with disposable alkaline batteries, which have a slightly higher voltage.
  • Please check that your batteries are all oriented correctly with the (+) and (-).
  • Please check that the "+" end of the battery cartridge is inserted into the handle first, towards the Fibers. The end with the divot (or "-") should be pointing towards the bottom of the handle, ready to make contact with the end cap.

2. Check the contacts→ Make sure the endcap spring is straight, and making proper contact with battery cartridge. 1st pic below.

  • Fully unscrew / rescrew both the entire handle and the endcap.
  • If you have to straighten the spring be careful of pulling it out of the endcap, as it is annoying to put back in.
  • To do it safely use thumbtip/thumbnail to wedge under the spring as close to the base as possible, then gently bend the spring tip up and at an angle opposing the current bend (using a flat edge makes this easy).
  • Gradually increase pulling pressure while being mindful of not letting it slip out from under your thumb.

3. Battery cartridge tab → There may be a tab on the battery cartridge that isn’t sitting properly - please check your cartridge to see if this is the issue. 2nd pic below. 

  • Pull cartridge out, remove all batteries. 
  • Find a small flat-head screwdriver/something similar
  • Use the shaft & edge of the flat-head to flatten the tab further into it's plastic recessed path (as in photo).
  • Visually check (magnifying glass can help) to ensure both the center of the tab, and it's edges are not sticking out anywhere past the plastic rim.

4. Fibers breaking→ We’ve encountered a very small number of cases where fibers pull out from the base, or snap off from normal use (NOT aggressive play). Let us know if you think this is the case.

  • Please send a photo of where they are breaking off in the base.


TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS For version 3 or 4 PixelWhips (2015-2017)

Pixelwhips do not come fully charged, and a fully charged battery is expected to last 6-8 hours.

  • are the batteries fully charged? 
  • are they oriented correctly? (+ end towards the fibers) 
  • is the 18650 the stock one provided with the unit? if not, please ensure it’s a protected 18650 cell. 

If the battery is oriented correctly in the PixelWhip, it is possible there is an issue with the charger. The indicator light will flash when the battery is not engaged, or when the chargers plugged in but empty. Here’s a few things to check to help narrow down the issue: 

  • Dirt could be obstructing contact between battery and charger. Please clean the battery ends and charging contacts with a soft cloth. 
  • Please ensure the battery is oriented correctly: + / - 
  • Confirm it’s also pushed in all the way, so it engages in charging —> the light should be red while battery charges, then green when done. 
  • Make sure the cord is plugged into the smaller micro-USB port on the side of the charger

A rare issue, though possible:

  • sometimes the plate inside the flashlight head is loose, and needs to be tightened. 
  • unscrew the fiber head (just the fiber head - see pic) 
  • please tighten carefully, clockwise 
  • —> a pair of large tweezers, or needle tipped pliers works best for the tightening part. 
  • We've attached a photo for reference

Perform a reset on the PixelWhip:

  • Remove the battery from the flashlight handle
  • Hold the PixelWhip button down for 35 seconds, and then let go
  • Re-insert the battery back into the flashlight handle
  • Hold the button down for 1.5 seconds to turn the rig on

Lastly - we’ve found that sometimes folks hold the button while dancing / playing with them. This simulates a finicky unit =) 

If you are still having trouble with your PixelWhip after checking out these tips, please contact us for support.