Please note, the autoplay mode and the page 5 settings were released with a firmware update in 12/2017. If you have a flowlight-FS that has not been updated, please contact us. 

Each “mode” on page 5 is a setting that can be adjusted. Settings are “global” and affect the light unit in general, including all modes and behavior like the overall brightness and white balance.

Settings can be applied temporarily, or “permanently” (until you change them again).

• To “permanently” save a setting, hold past off until it turns on again. This setting will be applied to the light until you change it.

• To “temporarily” check out a setting, do not save. The setting will hold until you turn the prop off, then it will return to the previous setting.

• Settings always display their current setting

Adjust level indicators: Most settings have 5 levels to choose from. This simplifies adjustment and enables you to know when two different lights have exactly the same setting.

• Setting levels are indicated by blinks, similar to page number blinks.

• When adjusting a setting, the light will blink 1-5 times to indicate what level it is on.

• Press to select. This also applies to the autoplay feature.

To save a global setting adjustment (same as in other modes): Hold the button until the capsule has turned off AND continuing holding until it turns back on again. If you hold down to off and release before it turns on, it will not save.

This means you can “try out” a preference by navigating to one of the pattern-mode pages without turning off. If you don’t like it, don’t save it when you turn off.

If you have any questions, please contact us!