The placement of this feature depends on which flowOS firmware version you have:

  • If you have pre-2018.11 firmware, it will be in p5m4 (see video below for instructions to reset to defaults without affecting your favorites or grouping)
  • If you have post-2018.11 firmware, it will be p5m10 (click here for latest firmware update)

If you are on pre-2018.11 firmware:

P5 Mode 4 :: Reset To Defaults


Reset all settings to their default values.


Cycle between orange flash and red flash.


Orange flash


  • Orange flash does nothing. Save red flash to reset all settings.

  • This will not affect your favorites on page 4 :) 

  • This will not affect your grouping!

If you are on post 2018.11 firmware:

P5 Mode 10 :: Reset To Defaults or Connect to Firmware Updater


Reset all settings to their default factory values, OR connect to firmware updater.


Bright red


No adjust

“Hold to delete” to reset all settings and favorites to factory default.
“Hold to save” to connect to firmware updater.