Start getting the most out of your capsule 2.0 lights - below are basic instructions. 

We hope this helps, and if you are still having trouble with your lights (or anything else), please contact us. We can create more support videos, or sort you out with a warranty replacement. 

Presenting the capsule 2.0

Capsule 2.0 :: how to quick group your lights

Capsule 2.0 :: navigating pages

Capsule 2.0 :: how to turn on/off your lights, as a group and solo

Capsule 2.0 :: how to adjust modes and settings

Click to complete resources on adjusting all the various settings in your capsule 2.0.

Capsule 2.0 :: saving to favorites 

Capsule 2.0 :: favorites autoplay

Capsule 2.0 :: soft reset and power cycle