Welcome to the wonderful world of the flow-wand! 

The first thing to know about your flow-wand is that there is a top and a bottom - the end with the flowtoys.com sticker is the bottom. 

Knowing which way is up is important when you need to reset your wand upright.

  1. Roll the rubber band up and release the finger loop and string. 
  2. Hold the wand upright with your non-dominant hand. 
  3. Place the middle finger of your dominant hand (with your palm facing down) through the finger loop. You can hide the little o-ring on the inside of your hand so it isn’t visible.
  4. Let the wand hang and shift the string until the finger loop is snug.
  5. You are ready to start flowing and dancing with your wand.

We have free instructions on how to get started with your wand on our website, together with free tutorials on basic wand moves.

If you are interested in learning more moves, or learning to work with long string or double wand techniques, we have instructional videos and a physical DVD that you can find on our "learn wand" page.

Have a wonderful flow-wand journey!