One-piece staffs are offered in "flowlight lengths" - a 7F staff holds up to 7 flowlights, a 12F staff holds up to 12 flowlights. Flowlights click onto each other and onto the end caps, and you can switch them around - super versatile. If you are concerned about budget, you can start with fewer lights and get more later to add to your staff.

Features of 1-piece staffs:

  • more length options, so you can get the perfect staff for you
  • ensures all tube lengths fit flowlights perfectly with no dead space
  • enables you to fill your staff entirely with flowlights
  • allows you greater versatility
  • enables us to offer the option of a woodcore for a stiffer staff

NOTE: Because of the way the system works, you can have a staff with just 1, 2 or 3 or more flowlights on each end. The versatile design also allows you to have different number of flowlights on each end to create a sword like prop - in a 9F staff, you can have 6 flowlights on one end, and 2 on the other.

If you have an odd number of flowlights in a staff, you will not get a balanced symmetrical staff. If you want a staff that is 9F long and you want a symmetrical staff, you will get 8 flowlights with 4 on either side.

Woodcore: We do not recommend getting any staff length over 12F without a woodcore, as they are very flexible at this length without a woodcore.

Length of 1-piece staff with flowcaps

Tube typeLength in ft/in Length (inches) Length (cm)
12F ~5'60.25"153cm
13F (woodcore recommended)5'5"65.2"165.5cm