Capsule lights use li-ion batteries, which often last 300-500 charges or ~2 years, though factors like temperature can affect their lifespan. Do note, all rechargeable batteries loose capacity over time, regardless of usage or storage conditions.

If you are concerned about your capsule light battery capacity, you can do a run time test. Instructions for the run time test are included below:

  • Give your light(s) a full 8+ hour charge 
  • Set the light to 'bold' (mode 3) and set a time to see how long it lasts - typically a good battery will last 2+ hours
  • If your lights lasts more than 2 hours in 'bold' the battery is still holding a solid charge

If you find that your light lasts less than 2 hours in 'bold' you can send it back to us to check out and replace appropriately. 

  • If the light has a battery less than 2 years old and it is not physically damaged, we will replace the light for free
  • If the light has a battery over 2 years old OR is physically damaged, we will replace it for half-price ($17.50 per V1 capsule OR $22.50 per V2 capsule)

Please contact us for return instructions, and we will get you taken care of :)