It is normal for the wand to tilt slightly when it is hanging still - the wand itself is not perfectly vertical when still. The illusion of the flow wand levitating vertically happens when the wand is moving, and the string is pulled away from it. When the wand is hanging perfectly still, it should hang within 1 inch of the string. If it does not, please see the tips below and let us know.

Important note about the flowtoys contact wand:

The contact wand is wider, so it’s easier for the string to touch the wand and affect its trajectory, especially when your hand comes close to the wand. It also has sticky grip that can catch on the string more than non-contact wands. This wand was designed foremost for contact wand play. It is also great for dancing, but the features that make it good for contact also compromise its performance for some types of moves, e.g. moves where your hand comes close to the wand.

You can also try the following tips:

  1. If you don’t know already, your wand has a top and bottom - make sure the flowtoys sticker is at the bottom when you begin.
  2. Sometimes the string isn’t “seated” properly, there is some friction in the hole and and if the string is pulled off center, it can cause the wand to rest at an angle. “Seat” the wand by pulling firmly down while it is straight. It may help to move your finger from side-to-side to ensure the tension is balanced between the two strings
  3. Floss the hole with the string to ensure the string is not catching on anything in/near the hole. Pull the string back and forth through the hole, it should slide easily - then ’seat’ it again.
  4. Older capsules (2012-2014) can be slightly heavier than newer ones. All composite contact wands come with new lights. If you have 1 old capsule light from another prop, and 1 newer capsule light it can cause the wand to be off-balance. 

If these tips don't help, please contact us for support and we will get you flowing again!