To start, we definitely want to make sure you are installing the tri-ring correctly. Here is a quick video that should help below - the section regarding the tri-ring starts at 7:19 - 

If your tri-ring is installed correctly, great! We have a few things you can check to help narrow down the issue:

  • Is the issue happening with both poi or just one?
  • Can you feel a difference between your pod shells?
  • Is the tri-ring aligned with the slits in the pod shell petals?
  • Are the pod shell petals damaged in any way?
  • Have you tried cleaning the tips with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess dirt or oils?
  • Do the tri-rings come off during certain moves (wraps, string manipulations, orbitals, stalls, etc), or at random times?

Also, another reason the tri-ring will not stay in place is if the capsule light detaches from the c-ring inside the pod shell. If the capsule light is able to move freely inside the pod shell, it can affect the tri-ring.

If you find that your pod shells or tri-rings are damaged, please contact us and so we can get you set up with replacements.

If all your poi parts look good and you are still running into the same issue, please contact us and we will go from there. Rest assured, we definitely want you to have an awesome experience with your poi!