Flowtoys line of "vision" LED juggling clubs, poi, staves, and other props contain our “vision light core”. It is capable of displaying incredible kinetically responsive patterns, wirelessly connecting, and customizing modes and shows with a single button, but it does have its limitations and we recognize that some people want even more functionality, like more advanced show control and programmability features. 

Vision and capsule (flowtoys “connect”) lights: 

  • We are working on a software application that will give you more direct control over modes, favorites, shows and settings, the ability to upload/display logos/images, and possibly a timeline editor, when connected to a computer by USB, but this will take a while to develop. 
  • We developing a “connect bridge” hardware device that enables you to have real-time control of vision and capsule “connect" props by computer software, mobile devices, DMX, MIDI, wifi, bluetooth etc. based on an ESP32 “feather” board. It is hacker-friendly and with SD card and audio and DMX output, it can serve as a “show in a box”, control or be controlled by almost any other system, or just as a way to connect to an app, so you can use your phone as a remote.

Creators core lights:

  • We're developing a new line of "creators core” light engines, with LEDs and power and durability the same as vision, but totally different control electronics.
  • The creators core is designed and intended for customization and highly-technical show integration. Based on the ESP32 platform with 32gb additional memory, a 9-axis IMU, riser-board pads for accessories, an I2C bus with pads running the length of the club for easy hacking, and covered in 92 IR LEDs for video-motion tracking. We have not yet developed a good solution for 3D motion tracking, but it would be possible to add on your own components for that.


  • Vision beta price: ~$160/light core in a prop (club, 1/2 of a staff or pair of poi, etc.)
  • Creators beta price: ~$250/light core in a prop (club, 1/2 of a staff or pair of poi, etc.)
  • Both vision and creators props have the same LED pixels, battery, body/build options, look and feel identical on the outside.
  • On the inside, creators core will have more processing, memory, sensors, wifi, bluetooth and available pads and pins for add-ons.
  • Creators props require technician/developer skills, and we will offer very little technical support for them.
  • Creators’ WiFi radio requires advanced wifi routers and setup to be used in large numbers
  • Vision's “connect” radio can easily be connected and controlled in large numbers and remotely. A full-featured hardware remote control with DMX and MIDI input and more is in development.
  • Creators can use open source software and firmware for creators props is in development by an independent artist developer, Ben Kuperberg. It is incredibly versatile, and some versions are fairly user friendly, but there is no “customer care” - you’re on your own at the whim of other experienced users/developers :)
  • Vision props are affordable, simple and user-friendly with well-developed software, modes and support for casual users, artists and performers, who do not want to have to use a computer to control their props.

How to get creators cores:

Please email info@flowtoys.com and we’ll add you to our list of people to contact when they are available. Please indicate if you are an experienced developer, who would require zero support to work with something like this, or a technical artist, who would need a reasonable SDK, documentation and starter firmware/software to get going. 

How to be the first to know about the new beta bridge:

Please email info@flowtoys.com and we’ll add you to our list of people to contact when they are available.