Flowtoys has recently released our line of vision LED juggling clubs. Several people have asked about LED clubs with more show control and programmability features as well. We are also working on a new line of clubs - the creators clubs. We originally called them "fusion", but have updated the name as another prop company has a line of "fusion" props, and these clubs are really for creators and developers.

Both vision and creators clubs have the same LED pixels, battery, body/build options, and feel identical to juggle.

  • vision clubs are easy for jugglers/artists/performers
  • creators clubs requires technician/developer skills

The vision club and "vision light core” for poi, staves, etc. are the user-friendly option that are well-supported, have many well-developed light patterns and features, and can easily be connected and controlled in large numbers and controlled remotely. A full-featured hardware remote control and a DMX transmitter is in development.

The creators clubs and “creators light core” for poi, staves, etc. are best described as a developer's platform. This “open source” line comes with little support, but if you know what you are doing, you can do a lot with it. 

Ben Kuper’s open-source firmware and software are already well developed for it, but implementation can be tricky and you must be technically skilled and willing to put in work to make them do interesting things, or integrate them into a show. They are designed and intended for customization and highly-technical show integration, based on the ESP32 platform with full pin breakouts and I2C bus running the length of the club for easy hacking, and are covered in 92 IR LEDs for motion tracking.