Vision prop currently fall under a similar warranty as other flowtoys - lifetime and amazing. 

Here's the breakdown:

Prop hardware, e.g. tubes, caps, club body, handle, knob and ring:

  • free replacement if defective
  • 1/2 price replacement for wear & tear if you send the parts back
  • or you can simply get a fresh part for $5-10/part, and replace it yourself

Electronic issues: LEDs, accelerometer etc.

  • free replacement if defective
  • 1/2 price replacement if there's physical damage, e.g. water damage, dog chewed, run over by a car etc.
  • you will have to send back the light core for any warranty service and cover shipping

Battery issues:

  • battery lifespan: Like your cellphone and laptop batteries, LED prop batteries have a lifespan of approx. 300-500 charge cycles before significant capacity loss. If a battery fails/loses significant capacity,
    • within 12 months of manufacturing, we will replace it for free as long as the light core is undamaged. 
    • after 12months old, we will offer a half-price upgrade

Please note that the vision props are currently in beta. We may adjust warranty, as we get more data on how they test in the field.