Some people have asked how the vision clubs will do in freezing conditions. We haven’t had any cold-weather feedback yet, as our first private betas went out winter 2017 but only in California, where it doesn't get that cold. 

Every material gets more brittle the colder it is, though most of the plastics we use would not be affected by the range humans are exposed to:

  • the cap is urethane and will be fine.
  • the foam knob will be fine.
  • the handle is mostly LDPE and will be fine.
  • the polycarbonate internal shaft may have a slightly higher chance of breaking, but is fairly well protected in the body. Probably fine, and covered under warranty, as are all the parts. 
  • If they break not from normal use/conditions, parts would be a half price replacement on the part, and most of the non-electronic parts are $5-10.

The body that Henrys developed for us is 100% LDPE, which is known to handle freezing temperatures well, typically preferred for industrial use for food handling in freezers.

The battery may have reduced output at low temperatures. It’s possible the lights may turn off sooner than normal, though they will recover when warmed up. The rest of the components on the board should be fine.