On this page:

  1. Known existing bugs (Nov 2019)
  2. Bug fixes (Nov 2018)
  3. Bug fixes (May 2018)

Known bugs (Nov 2019):

  • Due to memory limitations, capsule P13 only has 34 unique modes, and repeats last 16 modes to match vision props, which have 50 P13 modes.
  • Brightness setting carries over during firmware update, this is not a true bug, but new default is level 4, previous default was level 3, new level 3 is dimmer than level 4, so update might make your prop dimmer. 
  • When saving favorites in a group, one remote light will occasionally save twice. You can often (but not always) see it blink the "remote save" indicator twice. The duplicate save is usually the default adjust level, even if the first (intentional) save is adjusted.
  • Indicator delays pattern: While in adjust, the light being used as the controller goes out of sync with the rest of the group. Once an adjustment is selected, it almost syncs back up. Also when adjusting brightness (P5M2), after selecting an adjustment.
  • Temp. settings (open groups and un-saved adjustments in settings) are lost if auto-sleep kicks in.
  • Temp settings and open groups are lost when Going past the last mode in a page (which = off)
  • Group-on does not work when remote units are plugged in to USB and controller is not, after after the lights have been off for over 1 minute.
  • adjusted favorite modes revert to default adjustment after off-on or auto-sleep. Re-navigating to the same mode shows it’s saved adjustment.
  • P4 and P5 autoplay can not be saved to P4-favorites.
  • If turning on a group member when some of the group is already on, it may join the group’s current mode, or it may take over the group, it’s not consistent.
  • Deleting a mode in a show page (P8,P9), sometimes also deletes the mode AFTER it, on the local unit only. So 2 modes are deleted and the show becomes out of sync. across the group.

Vision props only:

  • Many P5 indicators have an extra flash to them.
  • We do not yet have firmware for every pixel-count. In most cases this makes no difference, but if you need to use a higher-count firmware you will lose the “center-mark” pixels in some modes. A lower count firmware would leave some LEDs dark.

Known existing bugs (not fixed yet as of Nov 2018):

  • indicators lost/dark at lowest brightness levels/dark mode adjustments

  • grouping occasionally fails

  • grouping occasionally joins other groups, even if in standby, or a different color

  • grouping to same color sometimes creates new group.

  • favorites autoplay can not be saved to favorites (space-time continuity error)

  • grouping can not adjust as a group

  • new group members sometimes take over group mode instead of syncing with group

  • capsule will not automatically connect to firmware updater when running or within 60 sec. of being turned off (fast wake mode) requires reset (see software reset feature in settings)

  • group member occasionally turns off during save, but does save.

  • group on mostly does not work when charging/plugged in to USB

  • group on: pattern resets on controlling prop after a few seconds, local unit pattern out of sync.

  • cycle past M11 to off to on should not = group on

  • checking charge level of charging prop when off causes it to show charging indicator, should turn back off

  • charge indicator "steps" at low brightness.

  • choosing white group takes over other running white group members, setting them to P5M1 (white)

  • fade-off indicator on local prop ahead of group

  • (clubs only) Fast auto-wake not instant, requires more motion.

  • radio can crash and stop transmitting, but still receive, requires soft/hard reset (rare)

  • group-save autoplay to favorites plays back buggy. Controlling prop plays different modes.

  • on USB/charge and showing charge indicator: hold does not turn off. Press does.

  • adjust randomizer: controlling prop non-randomized adjust gets delayed during button hold, off-set from group. Hack fix: use each prop in group to randomize once.

  • extra TBD mode after auto play. 

  • Auto sleep doesn’t activate if modes are changing remotely

Bug fixes (Nov 2018):

  • adjust no longer jumps when entered or re-entered

  • adjust in kinetic and static now always match (do not go out of sync if one prop is moving, while the other is still)

  • adjust and save now work as a group on all P5 settings modes except M1 (grouping).

  • P13 (bonus page) save does not cause grouping to be lost on sleep (happens only in FlowOS 1.1/MOPS firmware)

  • more accurate battery level indicator → does not turn red until <10% (used to turn red below 50%) 

  • club turning off on impact (accelerometer bug) fixed (does not address some hardware/battery fails)

  • solo-on/new group member now responds to group without requiring a second button press

  • page indicator can be interrupted, and does not repeat

  • prevented extra confusing blink, when entering P5 (settings) modes

  • no more delay during/after battery level indicator before you can turn on the prop/group

Bug fixes (May 2018):

  • override conflict
  • adjust override
  • group control conflicts
  • autoplay adjust when grouped
  • favorites adjust select
  • noisy