On this page:

  1. Known existing bugs
  2. Bug fixes (Nov 2018)
  3. Bug fixes (May 2018)

Known existing bugs (not fixed yet as of Nov 2018):

  • indicators lost/dark at lowest brightness levels/dark mode adjustments

  • grouping occasionally fails

  • grouping occasionally joins other groups, even if in standby, or a different color

  • grouping to same color sometimes creates new group.

  • favorites autoplay can not be saved to favorites (space-time continuity error)

  • grouping can not adjust as a group

  • new group members sometimes take over group mode instead of syncing with group

  • capsule will not automatically connect to firmware updater when running or within 60 sec. of being turned off (fast wake mode) requires reset (see software reset feature in settings)

  • group member occasionally turns off during save, but does save.

  • group on mostly does not work when charging/plugged in to USB

  • group on: pattern resets on controlling prop after a few seconds, local unit pattern out of sync.

  • cycle past M11 to off to on should not = group on

  • checking charge level of charging prop when off causes it to show charging indicator, should turn back off

  • charge indicator "steps" at low brightness.

  • choosing white group takes over other running white group members, setting them to P5M1 (white)

  • fade-off indicator on local prop ahead of group

  • (clubs only) Fast auto-wake not instant, requires more motion.

  • radio can crash and stop transmitting, but still receive, requires soft/hard reset (rare)

  • group-save autoplay to favorites plays back buggy. Controlling prop plays different modes.

  • on USB/charge and showing charge indicator: hold does not turn off. Press does.

  • adjust randomizer: controlling prop non-randomized adjust gets delayed during button hold, off-set from group. Hack fix: use each prop in group to randomize once.

  • extra TBD mode after auto play. 

  • Auto sleep doesn’t activate if modes are changing remotely

Bug fixes (Nov 2018):

  • adjust no longer jumps when entered or re-entered

  • adjust in kinetic and static now always match (do not go out of sync if one prop is moving, while the other is still)

  • adjust and save now work as a group on all P5 settings modes except M1 (grouping).

  • P13 (bonus page) save does not cause grouping to be lost on sleep (happens only in FlowOS 1.1/MOPS firmware)

  • more accurate battery level indicator → does not turn red until <10% (used to turn red below 50%) 

  • club turning off on impact (accelerometer bug) fixed (does not address some hardware/battery fails)

  • solo-on/new group member now responds to group without requiring a second button press

  • page indicator can be interrupted, and does not repeat

  • prevented extra confusing blink, when entering P5 (settings) modes

  • no more delay during/after battery level indicator before you can turn on the prop/group

Bug fixes (May 2018):

  • override conflict
  • adjust override
  • group control conflicts
  • autoplay adjust when grouped
  • favorites adjust select
  • noisy