Most people are updating their new firmware with no issues, but as with all technology, things don’t always work perfectly.

Most issues have been with Windows. If you are encountering problems, here are some troubleshooting tips below that might help. 

If the tips below don’t help, please email us at with screenshots of what is happening, what machine and operating system you are running. We will fix bugs as quickly as we can. 


  1. Open the updater, select your prop type and firmware* and go to "next step" BEFORE connecting your capsule/club!
  2. Leave your capsule/club off and disconnected from any cable for 1 full minute before connecting your light to your computer. (No need to wait longer, just 61 seconds will do.)
  3. If it's still not connecting, try a "soft reset" on your capsule/club, while plugged in (click here for soft reset instructions for capsules or for clubs).
  4. If it's still not working, please restart your computer.
  5. Also make sure you are using a good USB cable. Many usb cables only do power, no data. The cables we include do power and data, unless they are breaking/wearing out or defective.
  6. Make sure there is no debris/damage in your USB jack that might prevent good data connection.

  • *Make sure you select the CURRENT firmware!!! If you accidentally select the IJA firmware for vision clubs, your clubs will appear totally dead, and you will be sad and slightly panicked.
  • For capsules, the version 1.0 and 1.2 refer to the flowOS version - NOT the capsule version. The firmware updater works only on capsule 2.0s.


We’ve had a few people fix the issue by simply re-starting their computer, or switching their USB cable.

One user reported: "I realized that my computer wasn't recognizing it properly via USB, so I ejected it rather than just pulling the cable out. Disconnected it, turned it off, gave it a minute, reconnected. And that did the trick!”

Another user said: "When you're on the connect screen with the usb cable plugged in, you only have a few seconds to connect to capsule to the pc before the upload button greys out (goes back to being un-clickable)."

A great Windows/PC tip from Arnaud from Belgium:

When I was connecting my capsule, it was lighting blue 1 second (maybe less), then quickly switching to green.

The problem is, each time you connect something new on usb, Windows is configured (by default) to try to find and install the more accurate driver. During this driver research, it seems that the usb props cannot be detected by the firmware updater.


Disable this driver update mechanism, by following the steps below. Don’t forget to enable it again after the firmware updates.

1.       On your PC desktop, right click on “computer” icon and (left) click on “properties”.

2.       Click on "Advanced system settings"

3.       Select the "Hardware" tab and then click on "Device Installation Settings”

4.       In the “Device Installation Settings” form, select “No, let me choose what to do” (instead of “yes …”)

Then select the 3rd choice: “Never install driver software from windows update”.

5.       Save your changes

That’s it! Now you can update your props. Don’t forget to enable again the auto "download driver software" (windows) after the firmware update.

Reference: I found and used this article “how to prevent Windows checking or upgrading from Windows Update every time a new … device is connected