The short answer: 

  • The simplest way is to "delete-all" by deleting favorites auto-play and start over.
  • The quickest way is to find the extra/missing modes and delete/add them. But adding modes in the middle of favorites can be a bit complicated.
  • If you received a replacement light from flowtoys and it has no favorites, or if it will be simpler/easier to re-do the favorites from scratch on one or more props to match the rest in a group, un-group (if grouped), group them as a separate group (if more than 1) then go through your favorites in reverse order (the last one you save is the first in the mode order) and find and save the same modes (sorry there is no easier way yet!)

The long answer:

Syncing favorites across multiple props:

  • You can save any mode, including its adjustment, to favorites. You can also adjust, duplicate, move, and delete single favorites, or delete them all at once.
  • Favorites are stored locally/individually, so it’s also possible to save different favorites to each prop, which can be useful for creating looks, scenes and shows. 
  • We do not yet have a way to transfer favorites from one prop to another, but they can be created, edited and managed across a connected group of lights from a single light.

When managing favorites as a group, any human, hardware, or firmware error can cause the favorites to get out of sync, so it’s important to pay close attention.

Common causes of favorites out of sync:

  1. Props in the group were not on or present (make sure auto-sleep is not activating while saving or deleting)
  2. Props not connected to the group when saving or deleting (out of range, ungrouped, open group)
  3. Radio signal missed (very rare, but check that all lights blink when saving to catch it)
  4. Old firmware bug: duplicates favorites to some lights or deletes multiple from some. Update your firmware!


  • If auto-sleep is triggering while you are saving favorites, you can temporarily change it to a longer setting like level 4 or 5, or off (level 1). Just don’t save the setting and it will revert to your previous setting, the next time you turn the light off.
  • Every light in the group will blink when saving. If one did not blink, it missed the signal --> Look for the blink every time.

To edit the favorites on a single prop you have 2 options:

  1. The simplest option is to group-off, then solo-on only that prop (or a few props if needed), it should return to the mode/adjustment it was in.
  2. To keep other props running for reference, ungroup the light you want to edit (solo-on and adjust grouping to red)
    • if the mode was missing/not saved, save it
    • if there was a duplicate/extra, delete one of them
    • if there is a duplicate in the middle of your favorites, navigate to that mode and delete it
    • if there is a missing mode in the middle of your favorites, you have 2 options: (this would be a good time to keep another prop running for reference, or use a list/spreadsheet)
    • delete every mode before the missing one, then save the missing mode followed by all the ones you just deleted
    • save the missing mode, then duplicate every mode that should have come before it [duplicate always goes to mode 1] THEN delete all the modes after it that should have been before it [this option is easier if you don’t have a reference or list]


  • If you are adding a new prop to the group, e.g. a new addition or replacement or combining with a friend for a show --> save the favorites before grouping (or temp ungroup) and use an existing group member as reference. 
  • Remember the most recently saved mode goes to the first spot, so you’ll need to start from the last mode on the existing prop and work backwards. 
  • If you have a lot of favorites to save, make a list. We like the annotation “P#M#” eg. P1M1=Page1 Mode1. For adjusted modes, you’ll need to use your eye and might need the other prop to compare/match.
  • To delete all favorites, delete favorites autoplay (the last mode) --> this will revert to the default: 1 favorite: red.
  • We recommend not deleting the default favorite (red) as it makes a good landmark for finding autoplay.
  • If you use autoplay for your show, you may need to delete the default red mode, just remember what the last mode is, or check by cycling through the modes until you see the first mode, which will show up when you reach autoplay.
  • It is possible to save dark/black as a favorite. Do not confuse it for off, or you’ll drain your battery, battery life when "dark" is about 12 hours.
  • Modes can be saved to favorites in “adjust” and will retain the adjust position. So if you save bold in adjust when it is green, it will start at green in favorites, and continue adjusting. This can be very useful for shows. Or if you simply like fire mode in adjust where its color is always changing, you can save it that way and not have to enter adjust every time.
  • Auto-play modes, including adjusted interval timing, can be saved to favorites, except P5M11 "random-autoplay” and P4 “favorites” autoplay, use show page (p8,p9) autoplay instead.
  • Yes, we are working on an app and software solutions that will make all of this faster and easier to do.
    flowOS may only have one button, but the favorites feature is powerful, use responsibly ;D