The "kinetic awareness" feature detects if you are spinning (kinetic) or not moving (static). There is a delay between kinetic and static to smooth out the response and account for slow spinning and stalls. Some variation between your lights is normal, though they should be very similar. 

This feature is primarily intended to prevent your flowtoys from blinking annoyingly when you are not spinning them. It is also used to trigger pattern changes and effects but it may not seem super precise due to all the physical variables involved in moving props.

You may have a defective or damaged motion sensor IF:
  • the response in one light is consistently VERY different from the other (hold them pressed together when testing to be sure they are getting the same motion)
  • it won't respond at all, or only if you spin really FAST
  • it stays in "kinetic" (usually a flashier pattern) even when perfectly still in ANY orientation (this is normal in "pulse" (P1M10) but will go away if you find just the right angle/position, perfectly still.)


  1. Open the capsule shell (see video below)

  2. Perform a power cycle (this resets the accelerometer if it crashed - see video below)

  3. Check in "fire" (P1M5) for most obvious change with motion