flowOS 2.0 modes are mapped to your specific vision props. If you have vision poi, you'll want to upload the right firmware, as using the vision poi XL firmware will mean that half the pattern will not be visible in the shorter poi circuit board.

Refer to the table below for the pixel count/firmware version for standard vision props:

vision poispin16
vision poi XLspin30
vision dartspin16
vision chucksspin16
vision contact staffspin16
vision contact staff XLspin30

Full vision contact wand 28"spin28
Full vision contact wand 30"spin28

Full vision baton 36"spin30
Full vision baton 39"spin30

If you have a non-standard vision props, here how to find the correct pixel count for your prop:

  • turn on your prop + count the number of pixels down the length
  • for staffs/batons/wands, it is half the total pixels
  • only count 1 column of LEDs down the length
  • don't count every LED around the prop, as there are 2-4 LEDs per pixel