flowOS is the operating system, featured in flowtoys light engines, including the flowlight-FS, capsule light 2.0, and all vision props.

It is the result of over 10 years of passionate development and refinement, and includes a “pattern engine” that enables complex customizable light patterns with real-time effects and motion response that you can only experience in flowOS. It is what makes flowtoys feel alive, responsive, organic and magical.

flowOS provides a user interface with many levels of control and customization from a single-button, which is an important part of what keeps flowtoys durable, affordable and easy to use.

If you simply want to spin or juggle some beautiful props, just press the button. Your flowtoys will cycle through 10 amazing modes, autoplay, and then turn off. This is all one needs to know to have a great time with their flowtoys.

There is a whole lot more your flowtoys can do if you’d like to learn an advanced button press or two, and this knowledge base aims to provide you with the instructions and tools you need to do all the things, including:

  • adjusting and saving modes
  • grouping 
  • favorites page and show creation
  • adjusting your settings

We’ve packed a lot into a 1-button interface to enable everyone to be able to access all the features of this powerful operating system, but at the end of the day, it’s not important that everyone knows everything about the OS - most of us use a fraction of what our mobile phones can do. What’s most important is that we are inspired to play, practice and find our flow! 

It’s 2020 and we are working on an app, but don’t get too excited. It's going to take a while, and even the best app possible will not be as easy and useful as we might think. There are many reasons to use the button on the prop itself, or a simple remote control instead:

  • having the immediate control of spontaneously pressing the button on the prop already in your hand instead of breaking your flow to interact with your phone
  • being able to hand a capsule remote to a stranger to have them control your light show instead of handing them your unlocked phone 
  • having the ability to connect an infinite number of props, which is not possible with bluetooth

These are some of the reasons that we chose to focus on the UI and state machine first. Now that flowOS is dialed, we are starting to work on an app to make show creation, settings customization, and group management easier for everyone. 

We're a super small company serving a niche community, but we're passionate and dedicated to providing y'all with the best foundation for finding your flow. Thank you for your patience and support - we truly appreciate it!