Getting the weight of your poi handles optimized is an important step to making your poi feel just right :)

Making your poi knob handles heavier:
To make weighting your poi knobs easy, we offer knob washer kits in both 6mm, and 11mm inner diameter that will perfectly fit into your handles. These come with washers that enable you to customize the weight of your handles.

We also offer Element knobs - these are bigger, and made of cushy 3d-printed filament and designed with tosses in mind. These also come with washers that allow you to adjust the weight of your handles.

Making your poi know handles lighter:
If you prefer your handles to be as light as possible, you can try:

  • club knobs - these will need the hole enlarged, but are significantly lighter, or
  • floop handles - these feel like there is no weight in your hands at all. You can't do tosses with floop handles as easily, but dance flow is a dream.