We ship vision sticks with much more j-lace than you’re going to need, so you can size your leashes to your preference. If you wish to change out your lace, we have instructions below as well.

How to access the vision sticks board and adjust your laces - see image below for how to tie j-lace knot:

Can I use flowleash plus on my vision sticks?

Absolutely! Below are DIY instructions. You can also have us do it for $20 custom fee and parts - feel free to contact us.

DIY instructions on installing flowleash plus to vision sticks:

Order a set of smithy cord flowleash plus (choose leash end = no washer), and follow the steps below.

You will need: 

  • scissors
  • lighter 
  • sharp razor blade
  • cutting surface

Step by step:

  • remove your vision stick board from the case, detailed instructions are in the video above. 
  • remove the j-lace
  • modify the vision stick case for flowleash:

The 3d-printed case only needs a tiny bit cut off its tip to accommodate smithy cord.

When you hold your vision stick case up to the light, it's possible to see where the inner structure transitions from a cone to a short cylinder. Your goal is to cut off the cylinder and nothing more.

Pro tip: It is possible to count the layers of the 3d print to find your exact cut. Your cut is 7 layers in from the tip.

Below is a video covering how to modify a crystal case for smithy cord - the process is almost identical, there's just a more specific cut to be made on the vision sticks.

Installing smithy cord flowleash plus on vision sticks - 

  • pull the loose o-ring off of your flowleash plus, and set aside 
  • pass one end of the flowleash thru the vision case
  • then replace the loose o-ring
  • pivot the battery to access the leash connection, and pass the cord thru the bottom of the vision board

            ^This is the only step thats different than the crystal case video^

  • pass the tip of the cord back through the loose o-ring (you may need pliers, melting and reshaping the tip of the cord may help)
  • once through the loose o-ring, melt the end of the flowleash and press it into the side of your lighter to create a wide puck
  • once cooled, hold the ring, and pull the puck down to meet it
  • then pull out slack, snugging the ring down perpendicular against the board

To finish:

  • align the board with the case
  • use the tether to pull the board back into the case
  • size, cut and finish your leashes, using the same melted puck and ring method
  • you are ready to flow!