If your windsinger nub broke, please read the instructions below to replace it. If you need a replacement nub, please contact us directly and we'll take care of you. 

You can reach us at warranty@flowtoys.com - be sure to send a photo of the broken nub and your flowtoys order number in your email as well :) 

Materials you need:
1x Windsinger
1x Hammer
1x Pliers 
1x Replacement nub

Step 1 - Use the pliers to grip the broken nub 

Step 3 - Use the pliers to twist the nub in either direction and pull it out of the handle. Do note, the nub will likely break in the process of removing it - this is to be expected. 

Step 4 - Install the new nub into the now empty slot in the handle. You'll only need to stick the new nub in part of the way, make sure it's perpendicular to the handle.

Re: Step 5 - Use the hammer on the opposite side of the nub and hammer the nub down carefully.

Step 6 - You're all set to re-install the windsinger band and start playing again!