There is no on/off button on the bridge - you simply plug it into power and your bridge should turn on automatically, displaying a dim, solid red light. Power can come from usb/wall power or the power pack in the pocket bridge.

To turn the bridge off, unplug it from the power source (wall outlet/mobile power pack).

Note: The bridge has a minimal design and does not include the typical "metal box" around the USB plug, so it is possible to plug it in backwards, or for it to have a faulty connection in some USB ports. This will not damage the bridge or the port.

Potential issues & fixes


Bridge does not turn on:     

  • check that bridge is oriented correctly in the USB jack - it is possible to install/plug it in backwards.
  • check that your pocket bridge power bank is charged/on - there should be a blue light. 
  • check that the USB power source is good by plugging the bridge into other USB power sources and/or plugging other devices into the USB power source to confirm it works. 
  • if the bridge still does not light up after troubleshooting, it is probably faulty. Contact us for replacement.


Bridge LED is flashing:


I see a blue/pink light:

  • the pocket bridge power bank has a blue light when on - this can mix with the red light to look pink. 

Bridge LED is solid on, but does not show up on my device (phone, tablet, etc.):

  • make sure your device bluetooth is turned on.
  • the bridge should not show up in your phones bluetooth connections, though some devices/apps can see it, it is only intended to be visible to the flowtoys app and does not “pair” with your device.
  • open the flowtoys app and go to the connection window through the homepage, hamburger menu (top left) or click the “connect” icon in the top right corner (looks like a little pod shell)
  • you should see something like “BLE found a bridge…” 
  • click “connect now”
    • if this does not work, try restarting the bridge
    • you can also try restarting your phone/device
    • in android, if you have any 3rd party security/privacy apps running, this might be blocking it

If none of this works, please send a report through the app, so we have your full device/software details. Afterwards, please contact us so we can help you out. It's likely we'll need to replace the bridge. We'll do our best to get you flowing again!