These instructions apply to capsule 1 NOT capsule 2.0.

Here are some terms we use to describe the capsule light’s features:

Mode = one of the 13 adjustable modes the capsules can be in

Adjustment = a variation of color/speed in any given mode

Pattern = Mode + Adjustment

Since each mode is adjustable and some have multiple patterns, these are important distinctions.

To adjust a mode:

Hold the button down for about half a second. Let go when you see it blink white once - it will start adjusting the mode you are in.

(Note: If you hold the button down for over a second and it blinks 2 times, the capsule will fade and power off.)

To access presets:

Go to the 11th mode (Presets, just after Strobe) and adjust it. It will start cycling through the preset patterns and they will be very obviously different. 

To stop on a preset mode, press the button once (short press).

To continue moving through presets, press the button until it blinks to enter adjust again - the preset modes will continue to cycle.

For more information about capsule lights, check out this video: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!