The blue light on charge is a capsule light's way of telling us the battery is deeply discharged. There may be other issues going on, but the first thing to do is to charge it.

Below are steps outlining how you can tell if the battery is deeply discharged, or if it may need to be replaced. 

↪ Plug your capsule in - see what it does

  • capsules should light up and "breathe" when plugged in, displaying the green, yellow, orange or red charge level indicator
  • OR it will display a blue light if it was fully discharged. You can unplug it and turn it off and on again to re-activate the charging indicator.

↪ If the capsule lights up when plugged in:

  • unplug it after 5 seconds - this is to check if the battery is good.
  • —> If it goes instantly dark when unplugged, the battery needs to be replaced. Contact us to send it back. 
    • even a fully discharged capsule should have enough juice to display the “fade to off” indicator, or the dim white “boot mode” indicator - ANY light at all means it should be OK. 
  • if it seems OK, let it charge fully (at least 1-3 hours)
    • if in doubt, charge all night = 8+ hours
  • after charging, unplug it and hold down the button while “off” - the capsule should blink a color indicating the charge level. 
    • deep green means it’s fully charged, anything between yellow and red means it’s not and that you can leave it charging for longer. 

↪ If NO light when plugged in:

  • make sure the USB source has power and the cord is good - connect to other capsules/devices to confirm.
  • check the plug and jack for obvious damage or obstructions.
  • try a different cable with the same jack to be sure it’s not a bad cable.
If still no light: A potential system crash can often be fixed with a reset. 
  • A crashed capsule light will not light up AT ALL. If it lights up even the tiniest bit, it does NOT need a reset. 
    • Please note that a reset is not a fix-all, and if you reset your light too many times you can weaken the battery. 
    • If it lights up even a tiny bit, a reset will not help. Don’t do it
      • Video on how to reset a capsule is included below. 
  • For capsules lights purchased Jan 2015 or later you will need to plug the capsule light into a working charger after you do the reset. 

If you’ve tried all of these tips and are still experiencing trouble, please contact us for warranty service.