Opening the battery door: We designed the battery door so that you wouldn’t need a screwdriver to open it. The battery door fits within the flowlight’s compact form and is designed to be secure, quick to open and help spread light around the battery without compromising the strength of the shell anymore than necessary. Sometimes opening the door can be challenging like a puzzle box, but there are several tricks to make it easy for everyone!

Basically there is only one direction in which you need to apply pressure to the door to release it and there are several ways to apply that pressure:

  • There is a slight lip at the tip of the door and the lip needs to go down towards the belly of the light and forwards towards the head of the light. There are “feelers” at the top of the battery door and they need to be released before you can push the door forwards.
  • You can either use your thumb or another hard object (the tail end of another flowlight works really well) to push down and forwards on the tip of the door. Do not push on the main part of the door itself – this will not release the internal catch. Once you have released the battery door, you can pull firmly on the door to separate the door from the light and access the battery compartment.

Inserting and removing the battery: 

All pointy things flow in the same direction! Insert the positive end of the battery (pointy end) in the direction of the head of the flowlight (pointy end). Push the battery forwards and down. All flowlights that were released since 2010 have a transparent battery pull tab – make sure you insert the battery with the tab across the bottom of the compartment. Pull the tab to release battery. A firm tap on a table or other semi-hard object will also cause the battery to pop out of the compartment - we like using the edge of a bin when changing lots of batteries.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!