There are 11 different light modes in every G2 flowlight designed for a variety of applications from ambient lighting to a convenient flashlight to safety lighting and of course modes that leave awesome trails when the light is moving. All Generation 2 flowlights (01.11 on circuit board and later) also have an additional superbright dimension!

2 dimensions of modes: The first dimension has 5 modes and the second dimension has 6 modes. Activate your flowlight by pressing the single button above the battery door to get to dimension 1 (D1), mode 1. Press the button again to reach the next mode. The 6th button press will be “off”. To enter dimension 2 (D2), hold the button down until the flowlight blinks. Press the button to navigate within this dimension. At any point you can turn the flowlight off by holding the button down for just under 2 seconds.

Superbright feature (G2 flowlights only): After D2 mode 6, the light enters D1 mode1 in superbright. Continue pressing the button to navigate through all 11 modes in superbright. Superbright mode runs the battery twice as hard, thus uses up the battery in less than half the time, but it's great for performance! 

Note: Spectrum flowlights operate all normal modes at superbright, so there aren't separate superbright modes.

Memory feature: The flowlight remembers what mode it was in last. If the flowlight is off and you hold the button down, it will turn on, blink, end enter the last mode it was in. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of lights, and always prefer using the same mode.

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