Flowlights are durable, but not indestructible. We made flowlights to serve as a "pixel" of light that is a part of a larger modular system of props (crystal poi, flowpoi, flowpoi duos, clubs, staffs and more). They can be spun bare - without crystal cases or flowpoi casings - if people like spinning very lightweight poi, but the impact during a simple fast butterfly move can easily be over 100mph. The force during impact is equivalent to a 5 ton elephant standing on an iPhone! 

We do not know of any electronic instruments that can withstand that level of impact, but we are constantly making improvements to increase durability. We also offer a lifetime warranty so people who actively use their flowtoys will not be left in the cold. Most LED lightsticks cannot withstand a fraction of the forces that a flowlight can, and the ones that appear durable are very lightweight. The flowlight has the added weight of a AAA battery, which enables it to be rechargeable, rather than using lightweight disposable cells.

Our warranty service is designed to make sure that you can continue to use your flowtoys for a lifetime. We are here to serve the flow community, and provide service for parts and products and get them back in action. If you need help getting your flowlights back in action, please contact us for warranty service.