Flowmass is slightly tapered with more material on one end - make sure the heavier end is installed at the far end of your prop, where it counts.

To add mass to tubing: 

Apply a little bit of vaseline/petroleum jelly to the inside surface of the mass and slide the tube through it. Ensure there is enough clearance at the top for your flowcaps to click in properly and securely.

Tip: Do not use vaseline for flowmass on crystal cases, as this can cause the mass to slip out. We do NOT recommend using the same mass for crystal cases and tubing.

Removing flowmass from tubes: 

We lubricate mass for tubing and there is usually enough lube to be able to slide the mass off the tube. If this is difficult, the goal is to be able to push on the edge of mass without squeezing the mass, as this causes the mass to tighten more. If you can find a piece of tube/pipe that just fits over your flowtoys tube, you can slip it over the flowtoys tube and push against the edge of the mass to get it out. Or you can use the edge of a table.

You can find flowmass on our website here: http://www.flowtoys.com/flowmass-pair/

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!