We have never had problems traveling with our flowtoys carry-on or check-in. There are two main security concerns here - lithium batteries, and if the prop looks like a weapon or fits in their description of weapons. 

Flowtoys Li-ion batteries far below the regulated watt hours. The US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations state that Lithium batteries over 100 watt hours can only be in carry-on luggage, not checked in. Here are our battery specs:

  • vision props: 3.7v 1.0Ah, 3.7 Wh li-ion battery
  • capsules: 3.7v 0.7Ah, 2.59 Wh li-ion battery
  • flowlights: removable AAA alkaline battery
  • loose lithium batteries are prohibited in checked bags, so if you have 18650s for pixelwhips, you will need to have them in your carry on luggage. 

Security might also not know what your props are, and it helps to make them look as harmless as possible - fuzzy covers on podpoi or staff ends help. 

If you have flowchucks, you should separate/disassemble them and check them in, as chucks are prohibited in several states. 

In general, do not call your juggling clubs "clubs" as clubs are technically a weapon, even though juggling clubs are clearly not a weapon. This is the one time where it helps to call them juggling pins. 

If you are checking in your props, we recommend putting in a nice note stating that they are performance props and to handle with care. If you are made to leave the prop behind, we recommend disassembling your props, and taking out the light units and caps (flowlights, capsules or vision core ends), as most of the cost is in these parts.

Wish you a safe journey!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!