Notice slight vibrations or rattles? Most people don’t, but if you are super sensitive and want to prevent rattling in your tubes - there is a solution!

If you are using flowlights/capsule lights, make sure they are fully attached to the flowcaps - if they are installed incorrectly or disconnected from the flowcap, they'll shift and rattle inside the end tubes. 

For information on how the flowcaps work and how to correctly attach a flowlight/capsule light, check here:

For capsule lights: If you notice the lights are rattling inside the end tubes, you can add a small foam puck at the base of the tube. This will keep the light in place inside the tube and prevent it from rattling during use. 

For flowlights: You can use clear packing tape or clear heatshrink on the high points of the lights (where they could be rattling against the tube) and experiment with the optimal amount to minimize rattling in your staff tube. We hold very tight tolerances for all our parts, but there will always be slight manufacturing variations in every product.

The tubes have a 1/5000th inch variance, which very few custom extruders are willing to hold, but we found one that would. If it's a little thicker, the caps won't fit and if it's a little smaller, the lights, caps and connectors won't fit. It's a slight compromise for a modular system as we can't just glue everything in place, but most people don't notice it after enjoying their staffs a couple of times.

For vision lights: The vision lights have a very snug fit inside the tubes, so it's very unlikely they will rattle during use. If you find that your vision prop is rattling, please let us know - they may be a loose/broken piece on the circuit board causing the issue. 

If you find something that worked that you are happy with, please feel free to share!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us :)