Flowers slow your prop’s rotation and add weight, changing the handling dramatically. They are a great addition to any stick-based prop! Our flowers are made of silicone, so you can use them for your fire staffs as well.

Installing your flowers:

Flowers are designed to be installed on 1” tube. Tips of the flowers should point towards the end/cap of your prop.

  • If installing on a composite prop, keep the straight edge of the flower flush with the edge of the compression connector.
  • If installing on a 1” tube-based prop, position the flower just below the flowcap for maximum functional effect.
  • Start at the end with no button; text facing up.
  • Roll flower around the tube, using one hand to twirl your prop, while holding the flower and wrapping with the other hand.

Tip: Keep some tension, but do not stretch flowers while installing.

  • At the end, tighten the tension enough that the flowtoys logo looks like a circle.

Tip: Do NOT pull flower at the button hole! This might tear the hole.

  • Fold the flap to align the button holes, and fasten the button through both holes.
  • Repeat at the other end of your prop, and you’re ready to flow!

WARNING: Use care and be gentle when fastening and unfastening the button. If you see the silicone turn opaque white, it’s in danger of tearing!

Notes: Flowers may show burn or heat marks from the laser-cutting process. It’s not dirty. It’s lasers :)
Be careful when storing your flowers. Petals can tear off if they catch on other items, but flowers are still usable with several missing petals. You can contact us for half price replacements.

Here is a quick video that should help with flow flower installation below. 

**Note: Flower kits now come in 1 size and are compatible with flower sticks, batons and staffs. 

Each flower has 100mm long petals and weighs 72g.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us